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I woke up at 5:30 this morning to the sounds of monster throwing up. Luckily it was hairball related and not sick-cat related. Unfortunately it was on my fitted sheet. So I had to get up and change the sheets. As there weren't clean sheets, I had to put back on dirty (but non-soiled) sheets. Apparently I need to find time to do laundry this week. Probably Thursday during the day. I kinda went back to sleep. But woke up at 7:30. I had gone to bed at 1:30. Can we see how well this is going to pan out? I got class at 9. I'm meeting up with asciikitty and her mom at 12:30. I'm seeing marphod at some yet-to-be-deturmined-time this evening.

This week I need to make a sash, work on homework, have dinner with people, get batteries and film (yes, I still use film. SLRs are way cheeper to own than DSLRs) clean my apartment and, oh not go insaine until after about two weeks from now. Also, hopefully, Acura will call me and let me know my new sterio is in, so I can actually listen to music on the drive to western mass next (not this) weekend. However, that will be another thing to cram in. But better this week then, well, next, where I might not have the time to take it in. On Thursday I will call and enquire about the status of said sterio. I really should dig out my diskman and steal asciikitty's car-tape adapter thingy. Metal. This week wants me to listen to lots of Metal. deadwinter, you should burn me lots of Metal, as I realize that I don't actually own a whole lot.


P.S. I should make myself a dice bag while I have the sewing machine out. As I bought more dice yesterday, I really need a perminant home for them.

P.P.S I need some sort of killing video/computer game. While I like my brick making, in atitd, some days things just need to die. Yesterday was one of them. I should get myself a ps2 and "borrow" God of War from Eamon. Or freakin' get stuff for my N64 (which is... where?) and super smash brothers and... smash things.

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