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I just coughed myself awake again, and can't get back to sleep, so I figured I'd post.

Hi all, I'm back in Boston. Christmass was nice. I got some good loot (can we say steak knives and stainless steel pots and pans? And the box set of the complete series of The West Wing, which was apparently on sale at costco on January 20th. Only reason I got it. Kim got Friends) and spent some time with my grandparents, but less than I had at thanksgiving for two reasons. One, which is actually the most significant, was that I was (still am, though finally seem to be recovering) sick with a nasty cold and cough. But a few days of Pseudoephedrine has apparently helped. But I tried to buy more when I got back to Camberville and the Brooks on Sommerville didn't even have little slips for buying Sudafed that had it in it! AND they didn't have any night time with cough suppresent form of the new stuff! so i bought some tylonol non-meth stuff, but I haven't taken it yet, since I mostly slept through the night (And by mostly, I mean I probably got 4 solid hours in there...) But being sick meant I spent a fair amount of time napping and being grouchy and stuff.

The second is that I saw an old friend of mine from camp (yes, I went to camp. I went to camp where I did lots of crazy theatre and photography.) who's parents live probably 15 or 20 minutes from my grandparents. It, and the internets, have allowed us to stay in touch over the years. And it was really good too see him, since I hadn't seen him in 4 or 5 years, since his son was born. Still haven't met his kid, but I suspect that will be rectified if I go visit him in Oklahoma (He's getting his Masters in Lighting Design, for lack of anything better to get it in.) which I'm thinking about doing in the spring 'cause being around him makes me feel more like myself than I have in years. Anyways... I spent a fair amount of time around him, though it didn't detract so much from spending time with my grandparents 'cause it was often later at night. Having a curfue is weird though. And rather inconvienient. Having to check on the time can break up a good conversation.

Anyways... I'm back. I'm feeling good, emotionally, about myself, and hope to be well again by next week so I can see people. And do things I need to do. And Stuff. But one thing I should do today: call my management company and ask why our rent check for december hasn't cleared yet, 'cause, um, I'm about to write out the check for January...

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