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I have been missing my cellphone all day. This is *bad* Yes, I've had people call it. It's going straigt to voicemail. And living in this lovely technology dependant era, I appear to have no one's number. I need a new phone anyways, and if i don't find mine, I'm going to the verizon store tomorrow first thing in the morning and getting a new one. But I will still have no one's number...

So yea. Leave your numbers here, especially if I should have it (like asciikitty, of who's i just can't remember 1 of the 10 digits) or if you want me to have it or you think i may have had it previously. Comments are obviously screened. If you don't trust that, e-mail me.

Man, I feel like such an idiot.


FOUND Amongst a roll of batting I didn't think I had been using. *nchanter grumbles

anyways... having people's numbers is still useful, so, um, keep on leaving them :)

Now I really feel like an idiot...
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