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There is dye in my hair (purple) 'cause I've put off doing this for 2+ months and my god I'm not showing up to Arisia with faded hair. It won't be as cool as my hair last year but I will *not* spend a weekend-long event with faded pink-looking crap. No. Way.

I will bring the corset but I make no promises of wearing the corset (cinching my waste down 5" or whatever while coughing the entire time seems like a bad idea. However, unless the hotel is moronic and keeps it cold inside, I shall be wearing lots of things that pretend they are corsets, or otherwise do fabulous things to my brests.

Also, I should have mentioned this earlier, I'm staying in the hotel Sunday Night as well. more for my Sanity (ha!) than anything else. which means I plan on being up Sunday morning enough to let those of you not staying that I love dearly stash your stuff in my room. I'm a good peach like that.

And finally: "Hey Kris, you said you were gonna be in the Art Show!" Yea, I said that. And then I'm on the waitlist due to my own inability to follow through. So that's a resounding maybe. Yay Maybes!


yep, still sick. Figured I'd do my part to contribute to con flu.
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