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  • It's not supposed to start snowing until after 3pm tomorrow. My plane takes off at noon.
  • Detroit isn't supposed to get snow (where I'm connecting through)
  • Oklahoma is supposed to be in the mid-60's all weekend. Yay! And THUNDERSTORMS *grin*
  • Black Ice is the Devil, but I'm fine.
  • I dreamed about him meeting everyone last night.
  • I got a new phone. And I'm realizing it's kinda ugly, but I like it. 'cause it works
  • I'm getting dinner with my brother and sister-in-law on Friday.
  • I am not a size 36. I am a size 37. If I keep on buying 36's, because I think they fit and the store is out of 37's, Annie will continue to get cute black shoes for free. While this might be good for Annie, it is not good for Kris.
  • I'm not gonna be at all useful to anyone today...
  • "What the Hell am I doing?" "You're following your heart, love."


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