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Why is my phone going off... it doesn't feel like 9:30. Man, am I just hung over? No... doesn't feel like a hang over, just feels like two hours less of sleep

"This is an Important call for [full legal name] from NorthWest Airlines. Your [Perfect Time] flight has been cancled and you have been booked on a [makes Nchanter's life scary] flight instead. Have a nice Day."


marphod brings nchanter the computer.

nchanter re-books the flight, to leave earlier and get there somewhat earlier (better than as later as they were gonna) and tries not to *Kill The Universe*

The universe is on notice. I am entitled to this bit of my happyness. I will rain down my wrath, my entire wrath, if it does not let this happen.

"I like the way you use language" -marphod
"What the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?" -nchanter
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