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Government Red Tape Sucks

OK, today I go to the RMV to get my license transferred over here. My mother is also mailing me the title to the car. I would like to have the car registered by close-of-buisness on Friday. You need to have a car insured to get it registered, and I'm pretty sure you need to have the car registered to get it insured. Also, probably, have it titled in your name... Friday is gonna be a lot of buerocratic nonsense and running around, I really do believe.

Here's the thing -- I don't got an insurance company/agent yet. I'll take your suggestions, or "DON'T USE THEM!" bits to help me in this process. Comments are welcomed, but if you don't want someone's contact info floating around on the internet, e-mail me at username at nchanted dot net.

I also realize that I might not be able to get this done by end-of-buisness Friday. It *needs* to be done by end of buisness Tuesday, so I can have breathing room to, ugh, fail inspection on Wednesday and hopefully get whatever minor problem fixed the following Monday before driving the car down to Virginia the Following Tuesday.

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