Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

I came back from Oklahoma totally fried. Traveling like that, on a really busy travel day... took too much out of me. I got nothing done last night. Which means I'm driving to Virginia Wednesday, not tomorrow. I already re-scheduled my lunch plans for today to tomorrow evening, so no grabbing me there. Will still be back "sometime before June."

Oklahoma was... well, it was *green* this time, made it way more reasonable to be around (The grass goes dormant/brown in the winter. Bluegrass doesn't do that...) I got to lay out in his hammock reading and got some sun. Seeing him was awesome. But I came away with way too much to think about. Also? Needed another atleast half day, if not two. I miss him horribly already, maybe more so, 'cause I got use to his skin and his kisses very very quickly.

I'm now in a wretched grumpy mood. I guess I'll go pack...

Tags: dave, moods, travel
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