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I've been saying for weeks now that I would make a post about him. Explain. I should probably do that now, so people that haven't heard me squee for hours on end have context.

I met Dave almost 8 years ago at camp, when I was 16. He's about 2.5 - 3 years older than I am. I was a Theatre Tech Major, and ASMing West Side Story and he was a staff (not faculty) carpenter and ended up being ATD for West Side. As a tech major, I spent a lot of time around the scene shop, and he was one of a few guys, all about 18-20, who I got along very well with, me being flirty and percoucious and 16. I kissed him that summer, and would have done more if it had been at all possible. He... we had this crazy attraction from the start. That never went away in over seven years.

Dave's parents reside outside of Pittsburgh, about 15 minutes from my Grandparents. Because of this, and Instant Messanger and, you know, phones, we kept in touch and occasionally saw eachother for the next three years. We'd go out to a movie or something two days before Christmass, make out, and say that we should really give whatever this is a shot one day if we ever end up in the same area.

When I was 19 he got some chick he was seeing nocked up, and she didn't notice until she was 5 months along. Because of this, she couldn't have an abortion, so they stayed togeather for almost five years, because of Austin (their son, who is adorable by the way). She broke up with Dave, because it clearly wasn't working, this past Thanksgiving. Over those years he and I maybe talked on the phone once or twice, and didn't see eachother at all, but talked on IM on and off, some months every few days, and sometimes going six months without much more than a "hey." We had been talking every few days at the time that they split.

After Thanksgiving Dave and I started talking on the phone occasionally again, and a lot on IM, and we both were gonna be in Pittsburgh for Christmass. So we decided to see eachother, under the pretense of just catching up, even though we both kinda knew it was probably more than that. It took us a whole 10 or 12 minutes to kiss. And we talked and made out and talked and just sat there in his truck, which I also love, holding eachother's hands looking into the other's eyes and playing with energy togeather for... oh, 8 hours? And would have longer if we both didn't have curfues. We managed to see eachother twice again in the next 3 days (and three times 'cause the day we didn't see eachother was christmass itself.)

And we started talking every-other night. Which turned into nearly every day. And I went and visited him in Oklahoma (where he is getting his MFA... it's not like he moved there on purpose...) in February, and Just again this past weekend. He's coming up here in August, hopefully to accompany me to buxom_bey and woodwardiocom's wedding, and... We're in a long term long distance relationship that, um, we see going somewhere. Like I might be a step-mother somewhere.

For years and years he was "my one that got away." He's no longer gotten away. He makes me grin like and idiot even when he just text-messages me. He can calm me down faster than anyone I've ever known, and I've been more grounded than ever before in my life. I don't believe in a "one true love," but if I did, it would be him. I miss him horribly when we're apart, but she moved out of his place less than six months ago, and he needs more time to be mostly-single. And as much as I miss him, I'm totally OK where we are right now. I know it's where we're supposed to be, and if it is all that we both think it is, waiting for eachother to grow and heal and do what we need to do, ain't no big deal at all.
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