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Happy Solstice.

I have an ovewhelming family history of Luips and Rhumatoid Arthrits. Last year, my mother was diagnosed with both. Before her diagnosis, I never knew it ran in my family. My Grandmother has neither. All of her sisters had one or the other, and my great grandmother had Lupis. I watched one of my mother's favorite aunts deteriorate horribly during the 5 years preceeding her death last year, and she had never been that mobil to begin with, atleast in my memory.

I have always had slight mobility issues. Sometimes my joints get a little stiff, or don't do what they are supposed to. I was diagnosed with regular arthritis in my back when I was 14. When I was in highschool, and not taking care of myself at all, I would wake up in the mornings occasionally and have trouble physically getting out of bed my back was in pain. Oh, and when I was born, my hips weren't put right togeather.

A few weekends ago I did a lot of walking in crappy shoes in a very small amount of time. Walking back from Harvard Square to my apartment my hips started hurting, and then getting very stiff. If I had still been back in the square I would have hailed a cab. I should have probably called eldrad to come and get me. It was very difficult/painful to walk for the next day or two. Having just seen my mother less than two weeks before, and seeing her having issues with mobility and walking, I decided it was time to go to the doctors.

The doctor asked some questions (like why I had never had an adult physical) and decided we should draw blood. If anything on the something-or-other came up positive, I'd go and see the rhumitologist. If not, I'd go and see an orthopedist. I called my doctor's office yesterday morning to see if they had gotten the results yet. Yesterday afternoon, my doctor called me back. not all of the bloodwork was back, but something or other arthritic came up positive, and while normally they wouldn't send someone to a rhumitologis with just that, the fact that I was haveing trouble walking a few weeks ago (and again Thursday and Friday now)... I'm gonna go.

I prollaly have RA and/or Lupis.

While, this is kinda scary, and i'm all not happy about this, it's also kinda a relief. I've had seeimingly random minor health problems for about half my life that just are "one of those things" to western medicine. With the back pain (supposedly not caused by my arthritis) being unxeplained for so long... The random bouts of bone tired that aren't caused by lack of sleep or the depression... it would be really nice to have a *why*

So... Monday I call the rhumatologist and set up an appointment. We'll go from there.

And maybe one of these weeks I'll remember how to sleep again...
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