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I nearly went into anaphalaxis this morning at work. Yay for bennedryl. However, it means I am now EXAUGHSTED as today I started working until 5, instead of until 3 like I was doing. So I ain't going to D&D tonight and I hope to be asleep way before my normal midnight.

What caused this sudden bout of allergic reaction you ask? Crumb cake. By Entenmann's. It apparently has both nuts and cashews in the crumb topping. I'm pretty sure this use to not be true 'cause I've eaten this stuff for years. I'd eat a whole one in a day. They are nummy. I am REALLY upset by this, and am even considering writing a letter saying "why did you change this? I use to be able to eat this stuff!" 'cause it's one of my favorite out-of-the-box foods EVER.
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