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So... I'm in the Arisia Art Show this year. Again. This year I have 1 Panel and 1/2 a table... I did this a few months ago so it would motivate me to craft/make art. This... well... worked kinda. I'm making stuff! But it wasn't until 3 days ago that I finally dragged it all out.

I REALLY need eldrad to take a picture of me in our living room. 95% of my fabric stash is sitting on the couch, my chair, or various other surfaces in our living room. The ironing board is out. I still can't find the shank I replaced for my Baby Lock, which means I'm piecing with my walking foot... again. (And I can't do one of the projects I wanted to do, which is just as well as I should really just stick with what I know)

I couldn't find my roatry cutter and fabric scissors two nights ago so I stopped by the Cambridge Quilt Store last night to pick up new ones of both. I also ended up spending a good chunk of my Christmas money on fabric. Which, ok, while I have a LOT of fabric it was ok 'cause a bunch of it was 40% off, I hadn't stash-built in a while, and it means Dave can buy tools now.* When I got home last night eldrad somehow brought up looking in the basement, especially when I couldn't find a whole thing of thread and trim. Sure enough, there they were**. So now I have 2 of each. But if I hadn't gone out to purchase new ones I would have never found those.

A little bit ago the following transpired in IRC..

10:20 < waltman> causing a plague of locusts?
10:20 < McLazarus> the plague of locusts is in about an hour.
10:20 < waltman> then the frogs and the river of blood?
10:20 < McLazarus> we can't afford the frogs. but the river of blood is a distinct possibility.
10:22 < nchanter> mmm... rivers of blood....
10:22 < nchanter> oooh... man, now i wish my applique skills were... existent...

Maybe next year...

* When Dave and his Ex were together, any time she came home with new shoes, he was allowed to buy a new tool. This was mostly 'cause she had a problem with buying shoes she didn't need. Back in the fall when I bought new boots, he tried to say that he was allowed to buy new tools 'cause that was the deal with his ex. I said that it wasn't a good approximation 'cause I only buy shoes when I NEED them. So I called Dave last night and told him he was allowed to go buy a new tool. He laughed. I asked him if he knew what I bought. He got it on the first try. He asked how much I spent, and whistled, and said "Well you're better for my tool collection than she was. I can now go get that woo-chipper I've been eying. And a whole mess of c-wrenches"

** No, I hadn't looked there already. Our basement really creeps me the fuck out. I don't like going down there at night without someone else at home. Call me a pussy, I don't care, it really does freak me out that much.
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