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Yes, I am a geek.

So while sewing today I am watching Star Trek: TNG. I'm working through the 3rd Season. And with the 3rd season there is a lot of Wesley Crusher episodes, which is just reminding me of the single most annoying continuity error in all of Star Trek, at least for me. It might not technically count as continuity, but whatever, it bugs the hello out of me.

In episode 20 of the 7th season (Journey's End) Wesley leaves Star Fleet to go galivanting around the universe (and possibly other dimensions) with "The Traveler" who was introduced in season 1. However, in Star Trek: Nemesis he is sitting at the head table during Riker and Troy's wedding, next to Beverly, in a Star Fleet Dress Uniform. It's a very quick shot, and I wasn't sure of it until I'd seen the movie 3 times. (It's not that good of a movie, but I am a freak and therefore I own it. Hell, I think Generations might be better.)

No one could ever convince me that Wesley had gone back to Star Fleet after, you know, studying with Native Americans and whatever else The Traveler had him doing. No way.

And yes, there are grosser inconsistancies within the Star Trek Universe, I am sure. But this is the one that really gets to me.

OK, back to sewing, if I'm going to have more than 1 thing up in the Art Show next weekend...

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