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saw shallow hal tonight... one of the worst movies i've seen in a while. i *think* there was intention of a good message, but it was not a good movie.

saw this really cute girl in Denny's. second time i've seen a really cute girl in there that i've wanted to talk to. i just can't. i am so, if it had been a guy i'm sure i could have gone up to him, asked him for a butt, or a light, but a girl....

i don't understand what my fear is. i think it centers around the societal perceptions of sexuality. and virginia being so close-minded. if i were up at school would i feel the same amount of hesitation? would i be more likely to approach a girl in massachusettes than in virginia? and i am reminded of the girl in the burlington mall that i saw with galen, and my mind floats around an answer. *no*

why the fuck am i so afriad of approaching women? i am altogeather more comforatable around men, yes, i know, so that means i have to be fearful around women, approaching women? i don't like this...
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