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Hmmmm... I need a gaming Icon

I need to learn how to be really agressive when playing 1856. It's complex enough that I'm not sure I know what I'm doing, even when I do, I doubt myself, and then I don't do stuff that I should. Grrr.... Also, I'm not sure I like playing on Teams. I am sure that the configuration of Teams yesterday was NOT IDEAL.

I DM for the first time today for D&D (or any RPG). I'm doing it online using Team Speak and RP Tools The map tool is nifty to play with. I'm running in Eamons's DragonWall world... except moddifying it. One change: There aren't guns. Which is taking out a lot of the flavor, but, well, I didn't think I wanted to deal with them. I'm also making the world more gray. I love Eamon as a DM, but his worlds tend to be very black and white, which I like for the way we play, but I want to try something a little different. And there is more that I would write but one of my players reads my LiveJournal.

On a 3rd Gaming Note Eamon is running a Wednesday night game while his Wednesday night DM is off doing silly theatre things and can't DM for like, 2 months, and asked me if I wanted to play 'cause he could use another body. I said yes, because I am insaine. Or because I like rolling dice or something. I'll be playing D&D 3 times this week. And probably 3 times some other weekend this month. Clearly, I now <3 Gaming. I need to find a more regular outlet for interesting board games though.

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