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This week is going better.

So, I play this online game, called "A Tale in the Desert." (ATITD for short) I've done this for about 2 years now. I also hang out in the IRC channel that is associate with this game (#ATITD predictably). I have met some cool people through the community that surrounds this game. Many of the people in the IRC channel are former players. The D&D game I run using a Java map tool and Team Speak is for people I know through #ATITD and through the game. A couple of those I have met up with for lunch before, with eldrad, who is the one that introduced me to ATITD.

These people are important to me. They are just as much my friends as the people I know through Poly Boston, or my friends from highschool, or wherever.

There are a number of Dutch guys that hang out in #ATITD and one of them, Lisimba, plays in my D&D game. He's a socially akward geek IRL, but is pretty social in IRC. At sompoint I found myself talking to him one-on-one a whole lot. A relationship has developed over the past months, and this afternoon he bought a plane ticket to come and visit me for two weeks in July.

He's... a bit more than a friend, but it's hard to define 'cause it's all be over the internet so far. But I'm wicked wicked wicked excited that he's coming to visit.
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