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4 Years [Jun. 3rd, 2008|08:11 am]
[Tags|, ]

My father died 4 years ago today. I miss him a lot. Sometimes I feel like I've been holding my breath for those 4 years, afraid of exhailing.

When I dropped out of school again last year my mother, in a (sucessful) attempt to hurt me, told me how dissapointed he would be in me. I like to think that he would have tried to understand, and help. However, if he were alive right now, I know he would be very proud of me, for how I am doing now.

I'm not doing anything special for the day. I've got work, and D&D, but I didn't want to let it pass unremarked on. I give thanks to The Spirit and The Goddess for giving me the father I had, and the years I had with him, and the lessons I have taken from him and managed to retain and continue to learn from.

[User Picture]From: tisana
2008-06-03 02:04 pm (UTC)
I didn't know your dad, so I can't speak for him, but I don't need to have to know that's a horrible (and likely incorrect) thing for someone to say, no matter how frustrated they are.

You sound like you had a pretty close relationship with your dad, and that he'd never be disappointed in you.
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