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I need some new clothes, for summer, that fit right, well, like, before now. I'm planning on going shopping this evening after work, 'cause, well, I shouldn't put it off any longer. I want a Nordstroms, which means I'm looking at Burlington or Natick. Both also have a Bannana Republic. Now Natick has Ann Taylor Loft and White House|Black Market, but they removed their The Limited. Burlington has a The Limited. These are all 3 places where I have purchased clothes that fit me well, that I like. The Limited tends to run a bit more conservative, last time in shopped there, which is good for work. (And Express just has their necklines too low for work these days, but is at both malls anyways, so I will still look) I'm tempted to go to Burlington partially 'cause there are LESS stores I would go into, and I haven't visited the new Nordstroms there yet. But White House|Black Market sometimes has som really awesome stuff. All of their stuff is White, Black, Cream, or Blue Jeans. I mean, dude, my 3 favorite pairs of Jeans, including the 2 that fit me the best, are from there.

My question is, really, which should I go to?

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