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So, many of you probably already know that I'm heavily involved in Pi-Con, a small but lively Science Fiction/Fantasy/Gaming/General Geekery convention taking place August 22-24th, at The Clarion in West Springfield. We have Cory Doctorow as our Guest of Honor, and Randall Munroe of xkcd as our Webcomic Guest of Honor. We have over 50 more guests who will talk on such varied topics as Alternative Energy, Technology and Sex, Free Speach and The Internet, Polyamory, Writing the Opposite Gender, Torchwood, Dystopian Fiction, Religion in Science Fiction, and much much more. There are also events including ballroom dancing, a games room, a video games room, and many author readings.

Our registration rate goes from $30 to $35 July 15th, and the convention discount hotel room rates that start at $85 a night are only good if you book your room before July 22nd. So please, if you are thinking of coming, get your membership and your room booked now. is the official website for more information. I'm excited and I hope y'all will join us!
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