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A moment of happyness

lisimba aka Dutch Boy is here. We got to play Puerto Rico with eldrad and his gilfriend tonight. (Eldrad asked me if I actually had my own copy, I said that I'd have to buy my own if he ever moved out. I then noted that I almost said "if we ever break up.") While playing I missed calls from lbitw and Dave aka The Love of My Life. (Even if we aren't "technically" dating right now. Right. Whatever.) So I called them both back. And had an EXCELLET phone conversation with lbitw. Made me squee. So I squeed about it to Dave when I called him back, who just had his first day of work at the new job in California.

supercheesegirl might be visiting soon, and I might get to see her, lbitw, and a few of my favorite women including buxom_bey and mizarchivist all in the same weekend.

Right now, RIGHT NOW, I feel great. (even though Eldrad kicked our asses at Puerto Rico, but I know where I screwed up. I might have not won, but he would have won by less) I hope I can feel this way forever.
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