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Three Completely Unrelated Musings

First: Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday; It made my day much brighter.

Second: I am lighting a nine-piece dance concert this week, and it is taking ALL of my free time. It's at The Cambridge School of Weston which is where I went to highschool. CSW had such a profound effect on my life, the two most notable being I found my voice and a semblance of self confidence, and it's how I ended up in Massachusettes. Martha Gray, who this dance concert is for, has immense amount of faith in me and is a good friend, which is why I'm doing this insanity.

The blurb on the website:
Echoes: A Dance Tribute to Martha Armstrong Gray

Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Kluchman Theatre, Mugar Center for the Performing Arts

Join CSW dance faculty and alumni in their tribute to Martha Armstrong Gray's 40 years of inspired dance and teaching at The Cambridge School of Weston.

Christopher Huggins '81, Catherine Musinsky '82 and Rebecca Levy '97 will represent the alumni choreographers while performances by current dance department members will include: Carey Foster, Marianne Harkless, Henry Kasdon and Sun Ho Kim.

The evening's seven performances range in style from African dance, hip-hop, modern dance, comedy, dance theatre and more.

Reception to follow.

One of these years I should write out what CSW really does mean to me. It would be and interesting project/process, and I'm sure enlightening for a few of you.

Third: How do I keep on forgetting I'm an empath? I mean really, it shouldn't be that easy to forget.

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