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Paradigm Shift

For some reason I feel like this is the sort of thing I need to announce...

lbitw and I broke up yesterday, amicably, and I'm very confident that we will be able to remain friends. We both want to. He is an absolutely amazing guy, Jen is very lucky to have him, and I feel so blessed for the past year that I've had with him.

I'm kinda... crushed, even though this was an inevitability at this point, 'cause of the way mine and Gumby's relationship had been heading. Which is, to say, monogamous. I'm now in a monogamous relationship, for the first time in my adult life. People have questioned whether or not I'll be able to "do monogamy."

It doesn't go against my personal philosophys to be in a closed relationship, and maybe at somepoint I'll write all of my thoughts on relationhips and stuff out, but the short version is that communication and honesty are important, and finiding an arrangement that is comforatable for all people (be it two or more) involved in that relationship, is the most important part. This doesn't mean that I no longer love anyone other than Gumby, just that I have made a decision to not act romantically or sexually towards anyone but him.

Life is about choices, and the only constant is change.

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