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Arisia. [Jan. 18th, 2010|09:02 pm]
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Overall Experience ++

I do not feel peopled out. This is a good thing. This might be 'cause I did less partying-socializing than in previous years.

I ran registration with the help of many others, but a special shout-out needs to go to penk for writing the best software ever, and cindy_lu for being a patient and understanding second. I didn't ever turn on the full-out "In-charge Bitch" mode, so yay! I just apparently looked worn-out a lot of the time. I have made mental notes on how to be less stressed next year, and other things to do differently, some of which will depend on physical space-setup next year. But we got lots of compliments and the Major Problems(tm) were all things that weren't our fault. (Power was cut and Credit Card Processor's Service went down.)

I also did some gaming... and eldrad ended up buying Agricula. Which is good. We've played it once already since we got home :)

paradoox gave me a "2010 Hero" ribbon which came with a mug that has an arisia shield on it :)

There were a few people that I got to spend some real quality time with that I feel blessed that they spent their free time with me, and others I wish I had seen more of/any of.

Even though I was ragged for a bunch of, but not all, the time it was a really good year... though I'm looking forward to the new hotel for 2011.

Now to tackle Pi-Con work, and I need to find a paying job.


[User Picture]From: marphod
2010-01-19 10:26 pm (UTC)
Agricola has some good ways around the snowball effect of not expanding your family quickly (and I've even seen a few cases where expanding too early killed a player's chances, as said player did not have a food engine and got screwed at a few harvests), but there's a necessity to get a third action a round and delaying it hurts, a lot.

Looney Lab games are so hit and miss, anyways. I avoid Flux, and the other ones I take in stride.

With 1.4 actions per feeding cycle, 5 player Le Havre feels too constrained. Either you're going into debt, hoping you can dig your way out, later, or you're barely scrapping by. 3 and 4 work so much better.
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