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Pi-Con! [May. 6th, 2010|09:22 pm]
[emotional state |busybusy]

So as most of you know, I'm Heavily involved with Pi-Con. Our hotel block in now open for reservations, and this plus dealer stuff has taken up most of my day (pushing packing to the back-burner).

Here is the spiel that got posted around LiveJournal a whole bunch today

Pi-Con is a small, lively, diverse Science Fiction and Fantasy convention taking place August 20th-22nd, 2010, in Enfield, CT, USA. We have lots of panels on a wide range of fannish topics, events including live music concerts, filking, gaming of all sorts (LARPs, table-top, board games, and video games), vendors, and much much more. Just think of us as your summertime Mini-Arisia :)

This year we have Author Robert J. Sawyer as our Guest of Honor, Webcomics Guest of Honor Rob Balder, and Guest of Awesome Hugh Casey.

Hotel Reservations for the Pi-Con Room Block are now open! However, due to technical issues at the hotel, our room block and the Pi-Con discount rate is not available for on-line booking.

Rooms come equipped with a microwave and mini-fridge and are $99 a night this year (that's down from last year, and below their current advanced-purchase super-saver rate).

Please call 860-741-2211 to make your room reservation today and make sure to tell them you are with Pi-Con!

Feel free to ask questions, and all special requests, inquiries, and if you are planning on hosting a party (public or private) should be sent to hotel@pi-con.org

More information about pi-con, including membership registration, how to sign up to be a vendor, and flyers for download can be found at our website www.pi-con.org

-Kris "Nchanter" Snyder
Hotel Liaison, 5Pi-Con

[User Picture]From: ktpinto
2010-05-17 03:58 am (UTC)
*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

I got my room last week or so!

In the room block and everything!

Can't wait for the con!
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