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Condom Manufacturing and Country of Origin

So years ago, probably back when I was in High-School or something, I remember being told that because of manufacturing standards and regulations, it was best to buy condoms made in the US and Japan, but condoms from elsewhere were circumspect. This advice seem sound with the number of sketchy products coming out of China these days (Toys with lead paint, drywall that smells like rotten eggs, plastics with extra doses of carcinogens...), but is it something that one should actually look for?

~4 years ago I was dating someone who preferred Durex condoms exclusively (previously I had no sort of brand loyalty, though would default to Trojan when my partner had no sort of input.) and I think I remember the box I picked up at the time saying "Made in the USA." However, the current boxes I have were made in India and Thailand. The random condom assortment pack I have from Good Vibes includes condoms made in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and then, finally Japan.

Is this something other people worry about? Is this something y'all have never thought about? Condoms have been my primary form of birth control for the past 4 years (one of my partners in there was someone who had received a vasectomy), so making sure that I'm not getting sub-par condoms is quite important to me (as I'm sure it is to many other people as well). Is the advice I received 10 years ago out-of-date as the global community and manufacturing & distribution network have changed in that time? What policies do you have for your condom purchasing?


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