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Hair [Jan. 4th, 2011|04:24 pm]
[emotional state |disappointeddisappointed]

So I went to a new salon (they have been doing my lip and brow waxing) near the new (ok, not that new anymore) apartment. I was nervious, but excited. The appointment had to be re-scheduled like twice. I was getting purple put back in my hair.

I dunno. We had issues with it. It looks... I walked out of the salon hair still somewhat wet, 'cause that's what I do with my hair. Once it dried at home... most of it was either kinda brown looking or faded looking. (The parts that were supposed to be purple.)

I just called the salon back, and talked to the stylist (who I got along with, her manner was professional, her technique was good, my hair feels and looks better than it has in a LONG time... not counting the purple) and I'm going back in tomorrow. We both think that we may need to re-bleach out my hair.


Just totally anti-climactic and mood-killing. Hopefully it will get fixed tomorrow ('cause I don't want to have to find another new Salon, 'cause Gumby's been going there, and I was happy with how they waxed my eyebrows.)