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So for anyone that doesn't know ('cause it's not like I post a whole lot on this thing anymore) I'm co-head of registration at Arisia for the 3rd(!) year in a row. So that's where I'll be this weekend, starting tomorrow. I'm excited for this year.

Today's preparations included a metric ton of laundry, answering more e-mails from "Special Snowflakes" (though pre-reg closed yesterday, to preserve my sanity) process the last few trickle-in comps, and, oh right, roll and cook six dozen grape leaves. Hopefully 4 dozen will still be left by the end of the night ;)

One of these years I should figure out what an actual serving size of those is supposed to be. I also should make them more often -- I think it's been 2+ years since I've done them (not counting assisting my grandmother or mother)


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