Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

Wedding Planning & Related Anxiety Update

Because if I don't write this out, I think I will explode.

So we decided to have a small wedding (under 75 guests). We ended up initially sending out 38 Save The Dates. After my mother was up here, I need to send out 6 more, because she decided that I wasn't planning some completely heathen shindig, that the family friends from DC should come to the Boston Wedding, vs the Pittsburgh celebration the weekend after. This is the size that we want. I want to be able to actually spend time with the people we're inviting to this wedding, and coming up with a "I can't imagine getting married without this set of people" list was actually easy to come up with.

And outside of that list, I'm having guilt issues. Gumby is inviting a bunch of people that he doesn't expect to be able to come (and many of whom didn't get Save The Dates), and I really am inviting the people that are most important to me. I keep on stumbling, however, on people that "wouldn't it be nifty if they came too!" but once I start down that road, I know it could quickly balloon.

Local friends that haven't really spent time around Gumby & I, but use to be important parts of my life, but haven't been in the past few years, are the part that I'm having the most second thoughts and slight feelings of guilt around. Mostly those that I hope/would like to refresh the friendships with, but honestly aren't sure that either of us have the lifestyle/time in which to do so. And yes, I know if it's THAT important, you make the time. But considering the falling by the wayside, clearly it hasn't BEEN that important.

I also have a few online friends that we know from ATITD that I am having second thoughts about not inviting. Some of them I've met IRL, some of them I haven't (Gumby hasn't met any of them IRL), but either way they are a part of the community that exists that brought Gumby & I togeather. I hate feeling so dismissive of it, and like it's easy to write those relationships off.

I think this is creeping up again because we expanded the list to include these people from home (whom I originally wanted at the wedding in Boston, and then mom was like "No, they should come to the Pittsburgh event" and then she changed her mind). I am also trying to keep this an event about Gumby & I, and not just about me, so I've been trying to keep the number of people that he doesn't know that I'm inviting to a minimum.

I'm also anxiety-ing over this issue 'cause I've thought about hanging out with some of these people that we're not inviting. I wonder, especially since I am focusing on wedding planning a lot right now, if it's weird to ask someone out to lunch or over for dinner, and not to invite them, so I find myself wanting to avoid those people until October. Which is stupid. But if we were having a slightly larger wedding, they would be invited. Or had I, in some alternate weird universe, put together my wedding invite list a year or two ago, these people would have been right on top (and some people ON the list I barely knew who they were).

I know that this is how life works, this is normal, other people go through this too, unless you do uber-small or large events. However, having a manageable size guest-list, where both Gumby & I enjoy ourselves, is more important than allaying my temporary guilt.

Wow, writing that out DID help. Yay.

TL;DR: Keeping the wedding guest list a manageable size without feeling guilty about not inviting people is harder than I thought it would be.

On an upnote, I bought the DRESS this week. It's sold as a bridesmaid's dress, and I'm ordering it in BLUE (after lots of consideration, deliberation and thought that could be the basis of a small thesis on event planning) and I love it so so so much! The dress company calls the color "Indigo" but it's more like a slightly desaturated royal blue.
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