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Wedding Planning Recommendations Needed

Quick post to gather recommendations for more wedding-related stuff. At some point I'll post an update on progress for general consumption, but that's not likely to be today :P

So two things I'd like to make progress on this week: Day of Coordinator and Photographer.

After talking with a bunch of people, some reflection, and urging from my mother, I want to hire a day of coordinator. I don't need a full-on wedding planner (I've done a bunch of that already) but I need someone to "Stage Manage" the show, and I really want all of the invited guests to ENJOY the party we're planning. So if anyone knows anyone, has heard of anyone, has had a friend of a co-worker's etc etc, let me know, and I'll check them out. Someone who is comfortable with some non-traditional things going on (no dancing, bride not-in-white, uneven number of bridal/groom attendant...) is a definite must.

I also need a photographer. I probably should not have pushed this off as much as I have, and as we're 4 months out (eeek!) I really need to get on this. We will be doing some formal/posed/family shots prior to the ceremony, but the most important part of finding a photographer is that they do candid shots well. I do not want someone who will pull people out of what they are doing for posed cheesy smile shots. Some people like that, and more power to them, but I want a record of what was going on that day, not just the smiles of who was there. We'll (probably obviously) want some digital copies in addition to physical prints

Because I have a lot of strong opinions about how I want things done, I don't want to work with anyone I already have a personal or social relationship with. While I like involving my community, I also don't want to cause social awkwardness if a working relationship goes wonky. We're not budget strapped for this shindig, and these are places where we've decided we're comfortable spending money on. So ideally y'all would know awesome people to work with, possibly who are part of the larger community, but that I don't run into regularly at smaller social gatherings (if they go to Arisia, that's fine. If they are on you're standard invite list, and I am as well, that's probably not fine.)

Thanks guys :)

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