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My friends don't suck. <3

So in this whole wedding planning process I've managed to mostly stay off of wedding websites and forums, with the exception of Offbeat Bride. I'm a member of the "Offbeat Bride Tribe" (their social networking/forums) and it's sometimes awesome and inspirational, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking, and occasionally cringe worthy or a bit WTF, including Bridesmaids Drama.

I understand family drama. I understand drama related to invited guests. I understand drama related to uninvited guests, and the +1 dilemma, especially for those on a tight budget or in a small venue. I even understand drama surrounding PICKING your bridesmaids (not that I experienced this one at all). The amount of drama some of these ladies are experiencing from their bridesmaids, especially the ones that are "their best friends for 10 years" is just... redonculous. I'm completely baffled as to why anyone would pick such persons to play such an important role on such and important day.

This is, by no means, all the ladies in the OBT, and from what I can tell it's more prevalent amongst the younger brides (shocking, I know). I just don't understand how, if you've been friends with someone for 10 years, or 8, or since you were 2, how you had "NO IDEA that she would pull this shit" which mostly consists of being Ms. Flaky McFlaky-Pants. People don't just randomly start flaking out on their friends, it's usually a pattern of behavior, or there is an incident that triggers the behavior.

I'll admit: I use to have friends like this. We all have. Some of us still do. I made a painful, conscious decision after the breakup with Darxus that I needed to cut out the unreliable and self-centered people in my life. While this seems like a no brainer, it took some time and was hard; some of those people were FUN when not causing extra stress or drama. I just can't imagine ever asking any of them to do this thing where reliability and not being the center of attention is so very important. Really, though, I'm mostly happy that it didn't have to be a conscious consideration at all when I picked who would be standing up with me on our wedding day :)
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