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So I've been married for a week and a half now. I'll make an epic wedding post sometime when I have pictures to post, maybe. Maybe I just hope I'll make an epic post, and really, it's unlikely I ever will. So I'm gonna make an informal off-the-cuff post now.

The best thing about being married? Well, there are 3 at the moment.

  1. No longer planning the wedding. Seriously awesome.
  2. Being able to refer to to Gumby as my Husband outside of my own head (been doing that for months already in my head)
  3. Greater acceptance of our relationship by my family.

The last one is kinda big, and annoying in a political/philosophical way... why does being legally married make a difference in how we're treated? However, it's nice to have that acceptance, and to know that next time we go to visit my grandparents that Gumby doesn't have to sleep on the god-awful couch in the basement. I'm also REALLY happy that we got married in and live in a state where we're able to do that regardless of how our genders match up.

Other than that it's kinda the same, but more so. I'm incredibly happy.

The wedding was awesome. Really and truly amazing. We throw a good party, I had amazing vendors the place looked beautiful, and it was the exact right size. I got to spend time with everyone, and while it would have been nice to have some other specific people there, having more than 65 people would have made it a little too crazy, and would have changed the feel, and it wouldn't have been quite so amazing. Yea... I'll have to do a full writeup later. But not now.

Then this past weekend we went to Pittsburgh for a second reception to include my large extended family. It went good, and I was really glad that Abby, Dan, and Alan came with us. They were supportive in exactly the right way, and my family seemed to like them. I'm really really glad they got to meet my Grandparents (though Alan already had) and see the place that feels most like "home" to me -- It's where we spend the holidays and I've spent more time there in the past 10 years than Northern Virginia.

The actual second reception was at the country club my parents had their wedding reception at, and we had like 110 people -- all family or friends of the family. It was a nice event, but was definitely more of a thing for the family than something that was us. This is why we did 2 events, and I think it worked out much better this way -- we could do one "the way we wanted" and one "the way it should be". It was great to see a lot of relatives that I don't see very often, and introduce them to my new husband (*squee*) and was a very nice evening.

The only thing I'd do different if I had to do it over is to take a weekend in-between the two events. I've spent the past 2 days recuperating when I really should be getting things done. However, I'm happy, crazy madly in love with my husband (*squee again*) and back to working on other projects. Life is good :)
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