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So for those that don't follow me over on Facebook, or those that missed it over there, Brandon and I are buying a house in Southern New Hampshire, just off of Rt 3 (so I'm still only 45 minutes to Camberville and Boston)! We close at the end of July, and move in early August. It's new construction, which wasn't what we were specifically looking for, but this property ended up being something we really liked. This is really exciting, but also anxiety producing with sorting through everything we own and packing and stuff. I might end up writing about that (since writing my last post ended up being very useful for me sorting out my own thoughts) but I figured I'd give people some of the pictures we have to ooh and ahh over before I delve into angsty first-world-problem rants.


2,100 square feet on two levels, unfinished basement. 2.5 baths, with laundry in the first-floor half bath. 3 bedrooms plus an "office" (room without closet) and a 2 car garage.

kitchen length

kitchen width
The kitchen! Appliances have been added since this picture was taken.

living room fireplace
The living room has a gas fireplace, and the entire first floor has hardwood floors.

master bedroom
Inside the master bedroom, facing the walk-in closet and the master bathroom -- hallway door on the right.

Upstairs hallway taken from the door to the master bedroom. Second and third bedrooms straight ahead, "office" (room without a closet) to the right, stairs down to the right, second bathroom to the left out of view. Second bedroom will be a guest room, third bedroom my craft/sewing room (yay!) and the "office" will likely be a small library (computers will go downstairs). Flooring has been picked out, and will be installed soon.

Brandon doesn't love getting his picture taken, but man is he cute! *swoon*

the deck
This is my favorite picture. Brandon, Dan, and Abby just hanging out on the deck, which is off of the eating area of the kitchen. I hope it's representative of things to come.

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