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i am in need of a place to live from february 10th-ish to the end of july. this has been the case for a while, but i just realized how urgent-ish it's getting. if i can't find a place to live, i'm going to have ot go back home. no dance concert. possibly no 8th mod, and no having kris up here. THAT WOULD SUCK. my parents are probably going to be more leniant than orignially thought 'cause they have realized how depressed i will be for those months if i am at home. if anyone knows of any cheep apartments for rent, or decent people (not strangers) that are renting out a room for that period of time in the boston-ish area, that would be great. fang, this is not saying i don't want to still get an apartment with you, but my parents was a plan-type-thing by christmass break. that's a week and a half from now.

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