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i'm amused at myself for doing this...

Welcome to the triple threat survey post. this is all shawn's fault

(1) Full Name: Kristen Marie Snyder
(2) Date of Birth: 12/1/82 (1:47 am)
(3) Age: 19
(4) Height: 5'9"
(5) Weight: 130lbs
(6) Sex: female
(7) Hair Color: purple, blue, but mostly black
(8) Eye Color: brown
(9) Where do you live: In a dorm
(10)What school do you go to: csw
(11)Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
(12)Phone number: 1 800 555 UMNO
(13)Favorite car: mine! (actualy, it's a truck)
(14)Favorite color: black or purple.
(15)Favorite food: thi
(16)Favorite animal: snake
(17)Favorite scent: right after a summer rain
(18)Favorite sex position: n/a
(19)Favorite dental floss: ??
(20)Favorite Soda: CHERRY COKE!!!
(21)Favorite candy bar: kit kat
(22)Favorite perfume/cologne: --
(23)Favorite fast food: chinese
(24)Favorite movie: fifth element "lilu dallas multipass"
(25)Favorite music: delerium or poe. or tool or juno reactor
(26)Favorite restaurant: i'm supposed to choose one??
(27)Favorite T.V. show: star trek TNG
(28)Favorite alcohol beverage: champeign
(29)Coke OR Pepsi: Coke
(30)Shower OR Bath: i don't have a bath in the dorm
(31)Brussel sprouts OR Alfalfa: ewwww
(32)Sex on the beach OR Sand in your crotch: same thing???
(33)Poop OR Pee: pee
(34)Day OR Night: night
(35)Shy OR Outgoing: Going Out
(36)Guys OR Girls: i cheet. both
(37)No phone or No T.V.: phone is most nessisary
(38)Summer OR Winter: summer!!
(39)Do you have a crush:only one??
(40)If yes to #39, then who: i don't know if any of them count as a crush. maybe buck counts
(41)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes.
(42)If yes to # 41, then who+how old is he/she: 17, 20, 20...
(43)What is it that you like in him/her: to much to say...
(44)What is it that you dislike about him/her: to much to say...
(45)Ever kissed someone: yes
(46)If yes to #45, then who: there is a list of alteaset 60... and 3 more got added in the past week
(47)Describe your first kiss: i know who... a kid names brandon.
(48)Are you a virgin: nope
(49)Did you like this survey: eh

*A - Age: 19
*B - Best Friend: Gwen. Shawn. Scott. Iris. Chloe.
*C - Choice of meat: use to be steak. now chicken
*D - Dream date: mmmmm..... not a dreamm.....
*E - Exciting adventure: you don't want to know...
*F - Favorite food: thi
*G - Greatest Accomplishment: i was supposed to accomplish something by now??? fuck!
*H - Happiest day of my life: mmmm.... not telling ::grin::
*I - Interests: photo, theatre, killing, graduating high school....
*K - Kool-aid: RED
*L - Love: mmmm.... once again, not telling
*M - Most valued possession: the snake ring.
*N - Whole Name:Kristen Marie SNyder
*O - Outfit I love: the black cargo pants from ozone, some cute black top, boots... and my GLOVES (not black, oddly enough)
*P - Pizza toppings: PINAPPLE!
*Q - Question I am asked the most: hey, you doing anything for 7 minutes after school???
*R - Radio station: 98 rock (yea baltimore
*S - Sport:what's a sport mommy
*T - Television show: star trek tng
*U - your favorite song: lol. at moment, parabol by tool (see my aim profile)
*V - Video: oh my god, video's are like, so 5 years ago
*W - Winter: wrong. summer
*X - Xylophone: oh come on....
*Y - Year born: 1982
*Z - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

1) Name:Kris
2) What name would you have rathered had?:that's a dangerouse question
3) What's the most irritating noise in the world to you?: yoru pissant whiney voice.
4) What is your dream job?: empress of the universe
5) If you could have one thing disappear from your life, what would it be?: my pain
10) How old or young do you wish you were?: 22. or 25, as my insurance would be lower
11) If you were in a horror movie, do you think you'd be one of the unwitting victims, or one
of the people who survives?:i'll go with shawn on this one and say the killer
(okay where did these ones go?)
15) How many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?:42?
16) What color are your eyes?: brown
17) What's one thing in your life you wish you could do?: make it all go away....
(and again??)
20) Where do you wish you lived?:waltham. (yea, i a dork)
21) When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness?: taste
23) What is your worst nightmare?: ::shudders::
24) Baths or Showers?:i dont' have a bath
25) If you had to go into battle, what type of weapon (any weapon you want) would you
take with you?: someone else
26) Have you ever wished that, for once, the bad guy won?: i am the bad guy, and i always win
(muther fuckers)
29) If Barbie's so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?: ::glare::
(fucking hell)
32) If you had a third eye where would you put it?: wouldn't YOU like to know...
33) If your house was on fire and you could only grab one thing to take with you, what
would it be?: my laptop would miraculacely be in it's bag, with all needed accessories (digital camera, cd's etc)
38) Cats or Dogs?: cats
43) If you were infected by a deadly biochemical and the only way to survive was to take
one of those huge cardiac needles and plunge it thru your sternum right into your heart,
would you be able to save yourself?: like nick cage in "the rock?"
45) Which anime/cartoon character do you most resemble?:??
46) Would you like to be cloned?: the question is, could you handle more than one of me...
57) Do you believe in magic?: yes
(this is fucking stupid. 20 questions missing)
77) Who would you hate to be left in a room with?: more people than i would like to be left in a room with
(oh fuck this)
82) Which would you rather have; a tail, wings, fangs, or horns?: in order. wings, fangs, tail. no horns
85) What's one of your greatest weaknesses?:you think i have a weakness??
87) Do bugs scare you?: computer bugs do
88) In the They Might Be Giants song, why does the Triangle man hate so much?: hum??
94) Are black holes where God multiplied by zero?: ::glare::
100) Are you sorry you began filling this survey out?: nope

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