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i normally dont' post IM conversations, but they are being kick ass today

Auto response from my sister: i'll give you a dollar to finish my history for me

Me: i'll give you 5 to read this book for me :-)
Little One: haha no that thing has more words then a dictionary
Me: hehe
Me: doooom
Me: actually, there are words in there that only the oxford english dictionary has
Little One: mom asked why i was still doing hw
Little One: so i asked if she wanted me to stop
Me: lol
Little One: that didnt go over too well
Me: no, i don't think it would
Little One: she said i had friday night, sat and sat night to do homework
Little One: i laughed at her
Me: good

my sister is like a fine wine, she gets better with age. she also has a (sparce) livejournal shortielil1

on a similar note.

Gwen: our dorm is so loud and obnoxious
Me: yep
Me: i was JUST thinking that
Me: and you are not RIGHT next to it
Me: i'm going to go postal on them one of these days
Gwen: heheh
Me: yea
Me: it will kick ass
Me: ::picks up sawed-off shotgun, opens door, fires::
Me: ::closes door. posts on LiveJournal::

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