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why am i the only one up at this hour?

why did i just smash that glass all over my floor?

why am i doing things that scare the shit out of me?

why am i posting all this?

Anneka was a looker. To call her a looker was an understatement of beauty. She was tall, graceful, pleasantly curved while being slim, and all with an exotic air. She was dark and mysterious upon first impression, a cold hearted bitch upon second, and warm and caring when you got past the thorn bushes and iron gates. Boys wanted her, and she wanted boys. She got all the ones she wanted, played with them for a week, and then tossed them out. Female player, slut, whatever. They still wanted her, and she still broke many a hearts.

The hearts she didn't break were those that belonged to others. so often chose the company of men in open relationships because, as much as it was her nature to destroy, she was often plagued by pains and sorrow by doing such, so she got involved with those already in relationships, so they had someone to fall back on when she had ended her use for them.

When in one of these later bouts, something unexpected happened. She fell in love. For real. All of a sudden all her own pleasure meant nothing. Sure, it was fun, but nothing was as important as his happiness. Anneka thought she knew what would make him happiest, in the long run, and stated to execute this plan even if it would cause him grief in the immediate. But she soon found out that she was just twisting the knife in deeper, as he was in a dilemma all his own. See the boy Karel had fallen for Anneka just as much as Anneka had for him, but he felt a different kind of love for his girlfriend Jazen. Torn between history and divinity, Jazen and Anneka, he was hurting.

When Anneka realized that she was just making a natural dilemma worst, she cried and screamed and wished that the only person to ever make her truly happy was not there. And she was faced with a choice. to ride out his process, the only promise of their eternal bliss that she had, and not a guaranteed one, knowing that she would fall that much harder in the end if it proved untrue, or to let him go, and spare and cause pain now, but knowing that in the long run she would become just a faded memory, a passionate affair that only lasted a blink in the eye of the life of her true love...

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