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had a really really good dance rehersal today. they know about a minute of it, roughly, yes, but i'm planting a seed and people didn't seem to be in agony. and everyone came! including flaky ashley (hippie dyke ahsley not goth ashley). though it was 4:25 before everyone was there togeather, but hey, everyone came! and we had a really productive hour. i mean, they learned a minute. and we learned that the counts are relaly really fucke up. not that it should be that surprising for anyone who knows tool. and i'm not getting sick of this song yet, though i'm sure i'll approach it come tech week. which it looks like i might make it to. i'm doing (enough) of my HW, i'm going to class, and the dancing gives me energy, so i'm not so fuckin' slothenly. i'm doing good. except that i was ten minutes late for curfue tonight 'cause i think i zigged when i should have zagged in sommerville. i always get lost in sommerville. curse you kaos, for living there. ok, i take that back. it's MUCH better than north providence.

umm... dont' feell ike writing more. need to burn a cd for my gwen

and then read that fuckin' book

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