So I went to a new salon (they have been doing my lip and brow waxing) near the new (ok, not that new anymore) apartment. I was nervious, but excited. The appointment had to be re-scheduled like twice. I was getting purple put back in my hair.

I dunno. We had issues with it. It looks... I walked out of the salon hair still somewhat wet, 'cause that's what I do with my hair. Once it dried at home... most of it was either kinda brown looking or faded looking. (The parts that were supposed to be purple.)

I just called the salon back, and talked to the stylist (who I got along with, her manner was professional, her technique was good, my hair feels and looks better than it has in a LONG time... not counting the purple) and I'm going back in tomorrow. We both think that we may need to re-bleach out my hair.


Just totally anti-climactic and mood-killing. Hopefully it will get fixed tomorrow ('cause I don't want to have to find another new Salon, 'cause Gumby's been going there, and I was happy with how they waxed my eyebrows.)

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Respect and Friendship.

I was talking with a friend of mine in ATITD earlier today about crushes and Romantic Relationships and the foundations of such. The whole conversation twisted and turned, as such conversations do, and lead to a discussion about respect in friendships. He said something about not necessarily always respecting all of his friends, which lead me to the following...

"Well yes, there are people who I call my friends, that I spend time with and care about that are also dumb-asses. Those are NOT the people who I confide in and bare my soul to and ask advice from and consider my close friends. Who's decisions and motivations in life I consistently agree with and respect. Not to say I always agree with everything they do, but when they do something cringe-worthy I think of it as them doing something dumb-ass, vs BEING a dumb-ass, and it emotionally affects me more. It's that latter type of friendship that I believe needs to be part of a romantic relationship for it to succeed long-term. If you don't respect your partner in that way, how on Earth can you expect anything to last?"

Gumby and I have that. Gumby and I had that before we ever MET, which is part of why we WORK. I'm quite blessed that I've had that in my last few substantial relationships, and I have a number of close friends whom I really respect. The more I think about it the more I realize that Darxus and I never had that, and were never going to develop that. What in my addled 21 year old brain made me think that it was ever going to work?

Saying the above "out loud" has helped me realize why some friendships I have had over the years have worked out, or failed, in the ways that they have. Do I have to agree with everything that my friends do or say? No. But if you don't like or approve of many or most of the decisions your friends make, what is there really to be friends with?

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ZOMG! People can find me on the INTERNETS

Wait, if I post something on the Internet, it's not secure? But it has a little "lock" picture. That totally meant that no one that I didn't want to see it could see it. It totally protects from people copy-and-pasting, screen-shotting, or letting other people read it over their shoulders!

*rolls eyes*

But seriously folks, while I respect the level of privacy people want to have on their journals, and I hope that people respect me in kind, I know very damn well that what you send out into the Internet, even e-mails, isn't all that secure, and can come back to bite you on the ass.

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It was awesome. Gumby and lbitw met and liked eachother, making my life SO MUCH easier. My hard work and stress about Hotel pre-con paid off. In spades. Dealers... were better than last year. We need someone who actually knows what they are doing with dealers handling it. Also, I cannot have another at-con job other than hotel. The other job suffers. Have stated that clearly to next year's chair. Yay me for learning how to set limits. Rob Sawyer was awesome -- I didn't really interact with Tom Smith or Rob Balder. Hugh was Hugh... meaning Awesome.

Wheeeee... sleep now.


My little sister is growing up

So my little sister (Kim, aged 25, about to start her 3rd year in law school) just called me to apologize. For not understanding.

She's been watching "The Real L-Word" or whatever on Showtime and one of the cast members had come out to her family recently. That woman's family didn't disown her, but was "I don't wanna hear about it, why do we have to talk about this?" in attitude about it. This is how my mom and sister have always been about me being bi and poly (which is less of an issue now that I'm in a heterosexual monogamous relationship...) and has put a huge strain on my relationship with both of them. It's hard to tell them what's going on in my life when they don't want to hear about the people who I'm spending the majority of my non-work time with. So, eventually, you stop really talking or communicating about anything outside of what is necessary.

So listening to this woman on TV say, well, basically what I just said in the previous two sentences, it finally clicked for my sister. She called to apologize for not understanding that it must have been hard for me to try and compartmentalize my life so much just because it made her and mom a little uncomfortable, and that it wasn't fair to me, and she was sorry that she'd added that extra layer of stress in my life. She realizes that it might be too late to fix this, since I'm now making more "normal" relationship choices, but that she would try and be mindful about listening to me talk about things that she might not care about, or even always care to hear about, in the future, 'cause that's what you do when you care about someone.

I thought I was gonna cry. Kim and I may be very different people, but she's my sister, and I love her very much, and the fact that she decided it was worth calling me to tell me this totally made my day. I accepted her apology, am glad that it did finally click for her, and I knew that it was never out of a place of malevolence and that I was glad that she was able to understand.

Then we talked about other things, and it was good.
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*Nchanter gnaws on Gumby's forehead
Gumby: What are you doing?
Nchanter: I'm not allowed to eat your Brains?
Gumby: No...
Nchanter: But what if I get the part that's being headachy, then the headache will go away!
*Gumby Laughs
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(no subject)

Gumby is now here. I now have him all the time. Who wants to take bets on how long it will take him to realize he's made a huge mistake?

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Condom Manufacturing and Country of Origin

So years ago, probably back when I was in High-School or something, I remember being told that because of manufacturing standards and regulations, it was best to buy condoms made in the US and Japan, but condoms from elsewhere were circumspect. This advice seem sound with the number of sketchy products coming out of China these days (Toys with lead paint, drywall that smells like rotten eggs, plastics with extra doses of carcinogens...), but is it something that one should actually look for?

~4 years ago I was dating someone who preferred Durex condoms exclusively (previously I had no sort of brand loyalty, though would default to Trojan when my partner had no sort of input.) and I think I remember the box I picked up at the time saying "Made in the USA." However, the current boxes I have were made in India and Thailand. The random condom assortment pack I have from Good Vibes includes condoms made in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and then, finally Japan.

Is this something other people worry about? Is this something y'all have never thought about? Condoms have been my primary form of birth control for the past 4 years (one of my partners in there was someone who had received a vasectomy), so making sure that I'm not getting sub-par condoms is quite important to me (as I'm sure it is to many other people as well). Is the advice I received 10 years ago out-of-date as the global community and manufacturing & distribution network have changed in that time? What policies do you have for your condom purchasing?

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Oh gods, the fabric

I forgot I had this much fabric. I'm looking at somewhere between 14-18 18 Quart Sterilite containers of fabric and fabric scraps. This doesn't count the tubs of pillow forms I own. Or any of the other crafty supplies (1 container of trim, embellishment, and threads. 1 of paper crafts stuff. 1 of paint and things. 1 of misc supplies...)

Gumby has no idea what he's getting himself into, as I've managed to keep it all in a closet for the past few years. But when it's that organized/compact I'm not using it, and damn it, I wanna be using it again.

And man, some of this fabric is *ugly* I mean, I know buying lots of fabric out of the 1/2 off bins at the now defunct Fabric Place over the years was an economical way of obtaining this much fabric, but I wouldn't be surprised if a whole 1/3 of my current stash is stuff I will not use in the next 10 years. At some point I will hopefully get good enough in my actual quilting that I will stop needing practice sandwiches made of poly-batting and ugly-fabric.. and then what do I do?

Oh crap. I haven't even thought of the rolls of batting in the corner of the living room.

This moving thing? It is a nightmare. No wonder I've been all anxious over packing for the past few weeks...